It all starts with an accurate consumption report

Sano is the one that collects data from your meters and calculates how much heat, water and electricity you have used. To make the distribution both accurate, fair and easy to understand, we use the latest technology. In addition to some of the most accurate meters on the market, we offer remote reading via the network and reading your consumption directly on your smartphone or computer. At the same time, in the future you will be able to access many new smart home functions through Sano’s own Internet of Things.


Billing for water and heat can be difficult to understand.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service at +37167578670 Then we can review the accounts with you. Please have your invoices ready when you call.


Sano water meters can be supplied with integrated leakage monitoring. Catching small leaks like dripping faucets and toilets can save you a lot of costs over the course of a year.

House manager

A dripping water tap or a running toilet can easily become an expensive pleasure for property dwellers. With Sano Spill Control, it is possible to respond to spills.

The Sano radio system is 100% wireless and battery operated. Life span is more than 10 years.

We have over 20 years of experience in data mining and reporting. With us you get a good overview and high quality of payments.

Sanoportal is a user-friendly system for monitoring and optimizing the operation of heating, cooling, humidity and water consumption. The system displays real-time data and is just as suitable for PC / Mac as it is for a tablet or smartphone.


The Sano radio reading system is 100% wireless and very flexible. No cables required.

The Sano reading system can be easily extended with temperature and humidity meters. It’s a piece of equipment that provides temperature and humidity information to residents so you can maintain a healthy indoor climate that’s free of rot and mold.

A smoke alarm that doesn’t work as it should – e.g. due to low battery charge level – doubles the risk of serious consequences. Sano smoke alarm provides local fire safety for residents. You are notified when the alarm battery is low or removed

Sano water meters are approved for use in drinking water. The counters are made in Germany, Switzerland and are of very high quality.

Products offered by Sano

Sano provides the highest quality smart metering solutions.
Sano is a complete supplier of products and services for remote meter reading, sub-metering, indoor climate control and more.

Business manager

On the Sano portal, you can easily manage the consumption of your entire property portfolio at all hours of the day. It’s simple, clear.

When you enter the information yourself, manual reporting processes are reduced, resulting in higher data quality and faster delivery times.

We have collected and answered the questions that we most often receive from company managers. You will find information about water and heat meters, distribution accounts and so on.


We offer courses in the following categories:

  • How to choose the right solution. Wired, wireless, water meters or heat meters? What standards do we have and what are the differences?
  • Planning and installation of the M-bus measurement system
  • Installation of water and heat meters

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