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The EDC module is a clip-on module for secure remote reading to integrate water meters in Smart Metering AMR/AMI Systems by pulser, M-bus or radio (wireless M-bus).

The Electronic Data Capture (EDC) module for non reactive, electronic pulse detection of all the ZENNER water meters whose registers are equipped with modulator disc enables a secure remote reading and the integration of water meters in Smart-Metering measurement systems.

The EDC module was developed for:

Single-jet dry dial meters ETKD/ETWD
Multi-jet dry dial meters MTKD/MTWD
Positive displacement meters RTKD-S
Bulk meters WPHD / WSD


Wireless M-Bus radio module according to OMS Standard (868 MHz), EN 13757-4
Wired M-Bus-module, EN 13757-3
High definition pulse module with forward and reverse flow detection
Combined M-Bus and pulse module

Typical applications:

Wireless remote readout of water meters with walk-by or drive-by system
Remote reading of the meters via M-Bus Systems
Remote reading via GSM module
Accurate metering of fluids in the industrial and commercial segment
Information of the flow volume and consumption by the means of transducer

The water meter can be equipped with the required EDC module during manufacturing or afterwards, receiving a retrofit module

The configuration of the EDC module in case of retrofitting for example is made via the optical interface by using the ZENNER MinoConnect with ZENNER IrCombiHead and the configuration software GMM. Alternative software solutions on request.

Performance Characteristics

Battery powered with a lifetime up to 15 years
Tampering detection
Protection class IP68
Retrofittable without destroying seals
Detection of water flow direction
Secure data collection without the use of reed switches
Optical interface for configuration purposes
Suitable for ZENNER single-jet, multi-jet, piston type and Woltman water meters with modulator disc

Smart Metering Functions:

Tampering detection
Dismounting of module and meter detection
Reverse water flow detection
Leakage detection
Meter Stop detection
Meter oversized detection
Meter undersized respectively pipe burst detection

Product Features
AMR Technologies Electronic Pulser
Radio via wireless M-Bus


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