Our basic services, metering and consumption allocation, can be supplemented with a wide range of services that make everyday life easier for residents and for you as administrator or owner. At the same time, we can offer to connect everything with the latest network technology: Internet of Things. This means that you will be ready to meet the demands of the future in every way.



During the last 20 years, we have, together with utilities, renewed, developed and optimized our solutions to cover most needs within smart metering for utilities.




The proven Sano  measurement data acquisition of consumption values is at the heart of numerous control and billing applications in building technology. The products and systems meet the highest demands in terms of quality and durability, safety and measurement accuracy, and they set new standards in measurement data management.
Sano  also offers a comprehensive range of services, including training and support as well as commissioning and revisions.

With our solution you can in a simple and cost efficient manner control your building on actual indoor temperature. This will give a better indoor climate and optimized use of energy.

Other industries

We offer a platform that can be used in different industries.

Element Suite – Digitalisation in the energy sector and smart city. Sustainability, digitisation and smart energy management are just some of the things that currently affect cities, local governments and energy suppliers.

Our products are used by:

  • Indoor climate
  • Leaking detection
  • Room monitoring
  • Level monotoring
  • Medicines
  • Radiator control
  • Cold stores and freshness
  • Gastronomy