The rapid growth of IoT (“Internet of things”) has resulted in new communication techniques, specifically developed to meet the growing demand of high energy-efficiency and long range. LoRaWAN is one such technique. CMi4160 is mounted inside a Diehl Metering SHARKY 775 to deliver meter data to a receiving server via a LoRaWAN network. The product has 11 years of battery life, is energy-efficient, has a long communication range and is easily retrofitted inside an already deployed meter. CMi4160 is easily configured through Elvaco OTC (via NFC). With CMi4160, Elvaco offers a meter communication module designed for customers that require a user-friendly and cost-effective solution.

The CMi4160 is a robust and compact device with an NFC antenna, which has a ribbon cable as an interface to the meter. Two colored LEDs indicate the current status of the CMi4160, while switching on/off and rebooting works by pressing the pushbutton. The CMi4160 is particularly easy to configure using NFC via the associated Elvaco OTC app.

A total of six different message formats such as the M-Bus encoded Standard and Compact are supported by the CMi4160. The regularity of communication between the meter module and the server can be individually adjusted by configuring a transmission interval. The CMi4160 is equipped with an EcoMode, which increases the maximum battery life to a duration of more than eleven years. This special mode regulates the transmission interval, which consumes significantly less energy than in normal operation. Last but not least, the practical configuration lock effectively prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the meter communication module.