The EDC module is a clip-on module for secure remote reading to integrate water meters in Smart Metering AMR/AMI Systems by pulser, M-bus or radio.

The Electronic Data Capture (EDC) module for non reactive, electronic pulse detection of all the ZENNER water meters whose registers are equipped with modulator disc enables a secure remote reading and the integration of water meters in Smart-Metering measurement systems.

The EDC module was developped for:

  • Single-jet dry dial meters ETKD/ETWD
  • Multi-jet dry dial meters MTKD/MTWD
  • Positive displacement meters RTKD
  • Bulk meters WPHD / WSD


  • Wireless M-Bus radio module according to DIN EN 13757-4
  • Wireless LoRaWAN® radio module (868 MHz)
  • Wired M-Bus-module, EN 13757-3
  • Pulse module with forward and reverse flow detection
  • Combined M-Bus and pulse module

Typical applications:

  • Wireless remote readout of water meters with walk-by or drive-by system
  • Wireless remote readout of water meters via LPWA-networks (LoRaWAN® ®)
  • Remote reading of the meters via M-Bus Systems
  • Remote reading via GSM module
  • Accurate metering of fluids in the industrial and commercial segment
  • Radio transmission of the readings to mobile or stationary receivers

The water meter can be equipped with the required EDC module during manufacturing or afterwards, receiving a retrofit module