Made of high-quality materials, multi-jet dry meters are characterized by excellent functionality, excellent work quality and reliability. Their measurement results are reliable even in the case of very dirty water

They have in common:

  • They are multi-flow meters with high accuracy
  • Very durable constructions
  • The meter and the flow section are separated, so dirt and lime from the water does not accumulate in the meter.
  • Water meter with M-Bus communication

Worked without batteries:

  • There is no lifetime limit
  • The meter can be equipped with a radio module with LoRaWAN® or wM-Bus (according to OMS).

Transmission of the effective meter reading:

  • No data loss and guaranteed payment data security
  • 360° rotatable 8-digit calculator.
  • Temperature range up to 50 °C (cold) and up to 90 °C (warm)
  • They are type approved
  • Counters as needed
  • Which water meter you should choose depends on how much nominal water flow you need to measure. The smallest of the large multi-jet water meters can measure water volumes from Qn 2.5 to Qn 25 m3