The PDC is a communication module for the integration of meters with pulse outputs in radio systems

The PulseDataCapture module is optimal for the integration of measuring instruments with pulse output in radio reading systems. The consumption data of water-, energy heat-, gas-, oil- and other electricity meters with pulse output can be transferred by means of this gateway wireless to a wM-bus receiver or in an LPWA-network.

The gateway is battery powered. The battery lifetime is depending on the version, the transmission interval and the ambient conditions and and can reach up to 12 years.

Typical applications:

  • Remote meter reading via walk-by or drive-by system
  • Remote meter reading via LPWA-networks (LoRaWAN®)
  • Remote reading of meters with pulse output via the stationary readout system Z.RTU from ZENNER

Model variants

Our PDC module is available in two basic types:

  • wireless M-Bus radio module according to DIN EN 13757-4
  • LPWAN radio module (LoRaWAN®)

Please Note:
Both, the potential-free (reed) contact and the electronic pulse output can be connected to the PDC. When the PDC module is connected to a meter with an electronic pulse output, we recommend to carry out a compatibility test in case of doubt, since the compatibility may not be guaranteed.

Smart Metering Functions:

  • Self-monitoring
  • Leakage detection
  • Meter stop detection
  • Meter oversized detection
  • Meter undersized respectively pipe burst detection