Sontex 566 is the latest generation of wireless heat cost allocators. The device guarantees maximum reliability of energy consumption transmission.
The Sontex 566 offers all the advantages of a modern electronic heat cost allocator and allows you to read completely independent of appointments. The only heat cost allocator designed and manufactured in Switzerland is equipped with a 432MHz radio system. This proven system has been used on over a million gauges for over 20 years. Thanks to the “two-way” technology, the Sontex 566 is a radio transmitter and receiver. The device sends measurement data to the mobile handheld terminal or data center only upon request. And this only for a few seconds, with a transmission power of less than 10 mW (200 times less than a mobile phone).


  • Clear, accessible LCD display
  • Counterfeit protection, opening detection
  • Storage of values of the previous 36 months
  • Automatic self-calibration for constant measurement accuracy
  • Transmit radio signals only when data is retrieved
  • Made in Switzerland to CE compliance
  • Long-life lithium battery
  • Two-sensor device with radiator operation detection
  • 432MHz radio system: tested and proven for over 20 years, over a million gauges in use