Together we will find the best solution that is adapted to your needs and wishes. According to the rules, we install and check that everything works correctly.

Selection of counters

There are many meters to choose from, but if you choose Sano as your partner, we will help you make the best choice.

What you can expect from us:

  • You receive a customized solution that ensures the correct calculation of individual consumption.
  • The measuring system is correctly installed according to the regulations.
  • All meters have type approval.
  • We make sure everything is working properly.


Regardless of the type of meter we install, we give brochures to all people who own the property. In the brochure, residents will find information about the installation of the equipment, how to read individual meters, and how you can save on consumption.


Consumption settlement

If you, as a manager, have the necessary knowledge and staff to pay for consumption, you can choose to receive raw data or approved export files from Sano. After that, you will be responsible for the bills and you will have to communicate with the residents. Alternatively, you can choose a full-service service from Sano, where we handle all aspects of billing, including shipments, ledgers and reminders.


Sano has decades of experience in payment services, continuously optimized products and a transparent payment system. One of Sano’s standard services is an accurate consumption bill delivered on time. As an administrator, it is important for its citizens to have accurate data that provides an overview and ensures a fair distribution of expenses. But just as important, this data is easy to read and easy to understand. For this purpose, Sano also offers a convenient report that gives the recipient a simple and clear picture of consumption and expenses.


We offer consumption analysis for system optimization, specialist consultations and accounting of additional costs. Our long-term experience gives us the opportunity to rely on our individually developed accounting software, which is used by more than 5,000 apartments and other properties. Appropriate calculation methodology is adapted for each property, taking into account the technical condition of the house (insulated or uninsulated, 3-story or 5-story house, etc.). Heat and water cost invoices, as well as individual users’ current consumption indicators, are available at any time on the company’s own online portal


Meter readings

With the Sano radio reading system, residents do not need to be at home when the meters are to be read. The meters do not require wires – information is transmitted wirelessly, and all data is obtained as daily values in the workflow.


Wireless radio modules can be installed both for water and heat meters, as well as for meters of various other models with pulse output. Meter data can be read in “Walk by”, “Drive by” mode or fixed reading network mode.

Radio modules can be easily installed at any time and place without damaging the meters. The system can be used to read water, heat, electricity and gas meters.


  • We provide wireless data transmission.
  • Compact and easy to install equipment.
  • No additional equipment or cables are required for data transmission.


  • The equipment stores the data listed by the meter. When this data is needed, the operator or home owner can retrieve it at their convenience.
  • Fast data reading.
  • Automated data reading guarantees quick and accurate heat/water bill preparation.
  • Convenient and efficient property management for both tenant and owner.
  • Meter reading of the apartment or house takes place without the presence of the owner.
  • Reduces costs.
  • With wireless system equipment, you will get automated, accurate reading of meter readings and accounting of energy resource consumption for each apartment.


A network of energy measuring devices makes reading the data easier. The amount of products offered by Sano would fully integrate networks of heat, water, gas, electric meters and other devices with the M-Bus protocol EN 1434-3. The M-Bus system includes CMe3100, CMe3000 Info Center lines adapted to different needs – the right solution for every application.


Leakage and consumption monitoring

In a property with many taps and toilets, water leakage can add up to large sums each year. These are additional costs that can be relatively easily avoided with Sano Water Leakage Control.

We inspect and record all taps and toilets in the property and give you a clear picture of leaks and defects.

It is an investment that will benefit both your finances and the environment.

Leakage tests can be performed by switching to a radio or M-bus meter when reading data.


Leakage control and consumption analysis

In the property, water consumption is remotely monitored using a wireless radio module, which detects whether water is being used more than it should be, or when the use exceeds a self-selected consumption limit.

Leakage control can be connected to all newer water meters. If water meters are not installed in individual apartments, leakage control can be installed on the house’s input meter

Leaks can be followed on the website, where you can also set alarms with self-selected consumption limits, which are automatically sent to e.g. manager or administrator via email or SMS to prevent leakage.


  • Receive emails or texts about critical leaks.
  • Reduce water waste for the environment.
  • Save residents expensive bills.
  • Monitoring of water consumption around the clock.
  • Leak report and alarms via email and SMS.

See an overview of all leaks on the website


How does the property use water?

  • Get an overview of the property’s water consumption at
  • Set alarms and monitor consumption in selected homes
  • Avoid overuse and water leakage for the sake of the environment

Save residents big bills

High water consumption can indicate that many people live in the same household, but it can also mean leakage, which can quickly become expensive for both residents and the environment. Sano’s consumption analysis provides a simple overview of how water consumption is distributed in a property.

Follow and analyze water consumption on the website

In the apartment, water consumption is monitored using a wireless radio module that records consumption every 20 minutes around the clock. It can be connected to all the latest water meters.

The values can be read on the website, which shows diagrams of water consumption in individual households. This makes it easy to assess whether the consumption is real – if it is within the normal range in relation to the population – or if there is a leak.

Set your alarm clock

If there are apartments that you want to monitor for a while, it is possible to set a consumer alarm on the website. Alarms can be created with system default values or customized with your own values and sent via email or SMS to, for example, a manager, operations manager or administrator.