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Ultrasonic heat and cooling

Ultrasonic heat and cooling

  • Ultrasonic heat and cooling

Ultrasonic heat and cooling

The zelsius® C5 IUF ultrasonic heat meter and cooling meter operates with an innovative ultrasonic technology, specially developed for domestic energy measurement and district heating.

The ultrasonic heat meter/ cooling meter zelsius® C5 IUF with ultrasonic flow sensor is, thanks to a combination of modern measuring technology and a very compact design, outstandingly suitable for recording all accounting data for measuring energy consumption in heating and/or cooling systems.

The wear-free ultrasonic technology is impervious to debris, stable over the long term and is also reliable for very low volume flow rates. The energy calculator of the zelsius® C5 IUF is removable and has a large, legible display. This is self-explanatory and, thanks to its innovative functions, different operational statuses can be identified quickly.

All important device and consumption data, such as due-date values, maximum values or the saved readings for the last 24 months, can be invoked at the touch of a button.

Thanks to its versatile optional communication interfaces, zelsius® C5 IUF guarantees cost effectiveness and ecological efficiency in consumption data recording. Whether it’s automated meter reading via radio or M-bus, zelsius® C5 provides rapid, reliable data transfer in all cases.

Performance Characteristics

Available as heat, cooling or combined heat/cooling meters
Lowest design height
With optional wireless M-bus
With optional M-bus
With optional 3 pulse inputs or outputs
Any installation position (even overhead)
Stores 24 months’ readings
With optional 11-year battery service life
Precise, long-term stable, wear-free
Very wide dynamic range
Conforms to MID, Class 2

Product Features
Measuring Principle Ultrasonic Meters
Length without connectors 110 mm
130 mm
190 mm
Housing Material Brass
Register Electronic
Nominal Flow qp (Heat Meters) qp = 0,6
qp = 1,5
qp = 2,5
Nominal Diameter DN (mm) DN 15
DN 20
Temperature 0 ... 130°C
AMR Technologies M-Bus
Radio via wireless M-Bus
optional 3 pulse inputs or outputs


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